Township is a collection of programs which view and modify game data files. Each program deals with a specific game engine. All file formats shall be documented here as well.

There are three programs currently in the collection:

 - Ultima Online, UO:T2A, UO:TD, UO:LBR
 - Infinity/Aurora Engine. Baldur's Gate, BGII, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights
 - Aurora Engine Modules. Neverwinter Nights



Figured out a lot more about the 7d2 format, First it does more than bone animations, it's a complete model, with mesh data, polygon definitons, normals, and UV maps. You can read my whitepaper here


I started filling in the documentation pages. Greenland documentation contains a fileformat list that lists all of the file formats used in both the Infinity and Aurora engines. I'll be detailing each fileformat as we go. The MOD format and the Aurora Toolkit formats are already detailed. I started working on the Bone Animation (0x7d2) format yesterday. Right now I've just got he basic structure of the file down, I'll be fleshing out the details over the next week or so.
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